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New logo

Ok, so I’m currently in the process of making a new logo for Dvl-Productions. so far, I’ve come up with two ideas,, I’ve uploaded both ideas to Youtube for people to vote on. the links are below. 

Be sure to comment on the one you like more.


So, seeing as Anime Conji (the local anime convention in my area) is coming up, it time I made a new blog entry, (plus it’s kind of been a few MONTHS since my last blog entry and some of you may think I’ve been abducted by aliens or something)


Anyways, as you probably guessed I will be at Anime Conji this year. I don’t have a video in the contest this year cause none of my entries made it to the finals, but I’m still going regardless.


You know? I should really consider making some form of schedule for my blogs, instead of updating it when/if something important happens. Only problem with that is most of the time nothing important happens.

Anyways, on to what matters. I’ve been for the most part editing my butt off since my last post. Granted, I’ve only finished about five or six and only uploaded four, but I have been working on a bunch of stuff. I’ve also come to realize that I’m slowly but surely moving away from posting stuff on The Org, I think the main reason for this is that it really feels as though the community seems too closed knit, I can’t seem to talk to people without feeling like I’ll be either overly critisized or ignored, and that kind of thing bugs me a bit more than I’d like to admit.

Also, you know how I complain about not knowing anyone in the AMV community? Well, I finally met a fellow editor, now if only I could get my head out of this social anxiety enough to talk to them, things would be great.

Lastly, I now have a Tumblr, (not in the slightest bit sure how to use the darn thing) and once I get the hang of it, I’ll be using it to post progress pictures of my editing or other editing related stuff.  I’ll post a link to it down in the links section.

So, I suppose that’s really all I have to say for now, so thanks for reading.



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So, to start off, as of February, the Dvl-Productions website will be going down for a while, mainly because I can’t afford the bill, also because I’m really starting to think that I kind of don’t need a website right now, at least not until I can find a way to host all of my videos on said site all at once, which more than likely won’t be until I can set up my own web server, but that’s a topic for another time and another blog entirely.

On a semi-related note, I got a new(ish) computer for Christmas, I’m now working with 4 cores at 2.4 GHz per core, same amount of ram as my laptop had, but I plan to upgrade to 8gigs once I get some extra money to replace the motherboard.

I’ve decided that 2013 is going to be the year in which I start entering AMV contest, I feel I’ve got a few really good videos under my belt and now that my computer is made for editing, I’m now really only limited by the footage I have and my own creativity. That being said, I’ve already started entering a few contests mainly the AMV contest at Sabakucon and of course the Anime Conji AMV contest. (I’ve got three entries in each)

I’ve also noticed that this past year, my editing style has changed so much, I remember last year, I wasn’t as concerned about frame rates and aspect ratios, and now, that’s like the first thing I look at when I skim through my footage, I’ve also noticed that my whole process for editing has drastically changed. Before, when I’d go to make an AMV I’d just pick an anime, open my editing program and edit. Now, when I edit, I go through ALL the footage write down time codes for the scenes I want to use, then make sure all the footage I’ll be using is the proper frame rate and aspect ratio, then I’ll sit down and open my editing program and edit. All in all, I think that this past year has made me an immensely better editor (at least compared to how I was this time last year) and I’m hoping that this means that I’ll only get better as time goes by.

Anyways, thanks for reading.


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So, continuing with my plans of world domination… er, I mean blogging on a semi regular basis, I’ve decided to try to make a new blog entry at least once a week.

So, to start off, I’ve decided to start entering more AMV contests, so far the only one I’ve found is the Anime Crossroads 2012 MV contest, so I’ve decided to enter a modified version of my Corrupted Wish AMV into said contest. The reason I say a “modified version” is because, due to the rules of the contest the video can’t have any type of credits on it, so I made a new version that didn’t include the clip. Aside from that, I also have every intention of entering (and winning) the AMV contest at Anime Conji next year. So, because of this, I’ve already started work on the video I plan to submit to the contest, and so far, I’m about two thirds done with the first draft of it. My plan is to make a few drafts of the video, then I’ll use all of the feedback I get from my beta testers and make a final version of the video. Then, once it’s done, I shall win the contest. (At least that’s the plan)

On that note, I have to admit, I both love and hate the feeling of entering a new AMV contest, I love it because whenever I do, I get all giddy and happy that my videos might actually get seen by tens of hundreds of people, but I hate it, because whenever I enter a new contest, I start getting these stupid panic attacks where I try to focus on anything other than editing and it feels like everything’s all jumbled up. but luckily it’s slowly getting better, I can tell because it was immensely worse when I entered the contest at Anime Conji, and this time it wasn’t as bad, which is a good thing.

On a semi-unrelated note, I get the feeling this whole “new blog entry once a week” thing is going to be a little hard, seeing as I normally only post a new entry whenever something new or somewhat exciting happens in the AMV making aspect of my life, so it’ll be sort of a challenge, but it’s one I’m ready to face and surpass so that I can get better at the things I do.






I’ve been too lazy lately when it comes to the whole blogging thing, but I intend to fix that… at least that’s the plan anyways.

So, for starters, I’ve been editing my butt off as of late, since my last blog post, I’ve worked on AND finished five videos. And I’m currently working on another one, which is about a third done. Speaking of editing, I’m beginning to notice that over the past month or so, I’ve been getting drastically better at editing, I’m guessing it’s due to an incident that happened about a little over a month ago. Basically, I tried my hand at auditioning for an MEP and was rejected by the person hosting it, their reason: my “editing style wasn’t good enough for their project” normally, I would just brush something like this off, but for some reason, this pissed me off to no end, and sent me into somewhat of an editing rampage. I’ll post links to said editing rampage down in the links section below.

On another note, because of this drastic increase in both motivation and skill, I’ve been giving a LOT of thought to entering more contests, I just need to find some that don’t require me to actually attend any conventions, because as it stands right now, my convention budget is pretty much nothing -_- I someday hope to get into one of the bigger contests like AKROSS Con, or one of the other bigger contests.

Lastly, in the next few weeks or so, Dvl-Productions may very well get a new member, a good friend of mine is considering getting into making AMVs (after seeing a few of mine, woot, confidence boost) and once she starts, she said she’d most likely join Dvl-Productions.

All in all, I think all of this is simply just another step in the direction of me becoming a better editor, I feel the more I work at it, the better I’ll become, and the better I become, the more noticed I’ll get.



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So, I’ve been quite lazy as of late and have been putting off a ton of things (mostly editing, updating the website, and of course updating this blog) but with any luck, I’ll be able to get out of this laziness slump and actually get a bit of work done, and it’s come to my attention that I’m rumbling as I type this, so I’ll get to the point.

As a few of my viewers may have noticed, I have a new YouTube channel. I basically decided that I should go ahead and take the plunge and upload all my older videos to the Tube. I’ll post a link to the new channel down in the links section below

In other news, I recently submitted one of my videos to the AMV reviewer “This Week In AMVs” I’ve decided that I’m going to start working on ways to get my videos (and myself as an editor) more noticed, I figure the more noticed I become, the more motivation I’ll have to get better at making AMVs.

On a personal note, I’ve finally finished moving in to my new place, and I’ve also finished un-packing (for the most part anyways)

Project Updates:

I’ve been a tad busy with non-anime stuff lately, so I haven’t been able to get much done in the editing department, but I am working on more than a few projects (I’m currently working on about three projects and have ideas for roughly ten different videos circling around in my head at the moment) I’ll post some progress pictures soon

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Alright, so the San Diego Comic-Con is officially over with. I had a blast, even though I didn’t actually get IN to the con, I did however take a metric butt-ton of pictures, (which you can find the link to here)

I also got to meet a celebrity, which I thought was awesome. All in all, I had an awesome time, I got to hang out with some good friends, got a ton of freebies, and I actually won a shirt.

And yes, I know this is an AMV blog, and I should talk about AMVs, but frankly I just haven’t been able to get any work done on my videos as of late, mostly due to some personal issues that I won’t go into here, but I will start working on projects again soon, I just need to clear up a few things then I’ll be good to go on the AMV front.

On another personal note, I will soon be moving, (nowhere fancy) but once I do move, I’ll be able to focus a little more time on editing and video stuff. (mainly because I’ll have a dedicated area where I can actually sit down and concentrate on editing, instead of having to lay around on my bed to do any editing. Yes, my current place is small enough that I don’t have room for a computer desk)

Well, I suppose that’s all for now, be sure to follow me on Twitter, and like me on Facebook, also feel free to check out the website.

Good news and bad news

Good News is, I’ll sort of be at Comic-Con this year, bad news is, I won’t actually be IN Comic-Con, I’ll be working at one of the venues off-site, and won’t be getting a nifty little pass thing to get into the actual event, BUT that doesn’t mean I’m  going to miss out on the chance to have a bunch of fun and try to get a ton of pictures/videos.

I was however, hoping to ACTUALLY get in to the event so I could attempt to meet a few famous folks, but no big, though the biggest disappointment in this is I more than likely won’t get the chance to meet the great Steve Blum (for those of you that don’t know, Steve Blum is my all-time favorite voice actor.)

And since this IS my AMV blog, I should mention something AMV related….

So, for those of you wondering, I do plan on doing some editing. Frankly, the only thing stopping me from editing as of late is the lack of computer power, (yes, my computer is crap.) but with any luck, I’ll be able to start saving up to build a new system soon, and hopefully it’ll be able to run all the fancy programs I have for editing… hopefully!

Last but not least, I’ve decided that once my computer’s in a condition to properly edit, I’m going to try to get involved in an MEP, (Multi-Editor-Project) Basically, I want to start making AMVs with other editors, I want to start being more active in the AMV community, but to do that, I need to be able to edit without dealing with my current computer’s limitations.

Anywho, now that that rant is over with, I’ll shut up now.

Comic-Con Ahoy!!!!!

OK, so as some of you may know, I’ve missed out on the joys of Comic-con for the past few years. Well, thankfully, this year might actually be different, I won’t go into details just yet, but sometime this week, I’ll know for sure whether or not I’ll be going this year, with luck, that will be a huge YES.

Expect another post from me in about a week, depending on whether or not I’ll be going.

Just thought I’d let everyone know, sometime later today, I’ll be doing some work on updating the Dvl-Productions website, if not today, then tomorrow in the morning. So, if anyone notices any bugs, please be sure to point them out in the comments.

So, the idea for this came to me while going through my music collection. Took roughly two or three weeks to finish and several all night editing sessions. Also, this’ll be the last AMV I do for a little while as I’ll be taking about a month or two off from videography stuff in general.

Anime used: Steins;Gate, Black Rock Shooter, Ef – A tale of memories, The girl who leapt through time, Myself:Yourself, and Kanon.

Musical Artist: System of a Down
Song: Streamline

Software used: Adobe Premiere CS4, and Adobe After Effects CS4

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Be sure to check out some of my other stuff,

Skype: dvl_productions

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